Our Trip to Hongkong

My very first vacation back home after working for a year in Dubai, I planned to bring my son to Disneyland, Hongkong.

Tons of research and inquiries from different tour agencies, and I finally came across Reliable International Travel Services.

Got a package for PHP 13,098.00 each, including Roundtrip Airfare, Airport Terminal Fee, 3D + 2N Hotel Accommodation with Breakfast, Halfday City Tour, and Disneyland Pass.

Maybe I wasn’t really thinking straight when I took this package because we live in Manila and only a few minutes away from the airport, but this package actually includes a flight from and to the Clark Airport. This means that we had to travel all the way to Pampanga to catch our flight which actually took us more than 2 hours by Jeepney, Train, and Bus.  Ugh the hassle of all these travels just to get a cheaper Hongkong package.

They only head to Clark Airport 3 times a day and same goes the other way around. Here are the schedules:

Trinoma to Clark | 03:00 AM, 07:00 AM, 01:00 PM

Clark to Trinoma | 04:30 AM, 12:30 PM, 07:00 PM

Ticket costs 250.00 each (one way)

Yeah here we are at the Waiting Lounge in Trinoma. Waiting for our Bus going to the Clark Airport.

Alright, after a few good hours of travelling, we finally get to the airport and onto the plane. It was my son’s first time on a plane so I was dying to see his reaction as soon as the plane starts flying.

2 hours later, we arrived at the Hong Kong Airport. And I was surprised to see.. IT WAS RAINING. HARD.

Got off the plane, and now getting on our way out.

Paperwork says “After Immigration and Customs Clearance, please proceed to Arrival Hall B, Tourist Pick Up Area, Meeting Post 16 and look for Stay Aisa Representative”, so that’s exactly what we did.

As soon as I met the guy, I was like… “Do you think it’s going to rain like this tomorrow? Because we’re going to Disneyland.”

And he’s like… “Yeah maybe. You need to bring umbrella.”

Okay, as worried as I am, we headed to our hotel to check in. It was a good 30-minute drive, I’d say.

Funny thing was… I got really nervous as soon as I get in the van… All those Chinese horror and torture movies I’ve seen came rushing in my head. Haha. Finally, we arrived at the hotel. We stayed at Rambler Oasis.

Got my paperwork and gave it to the receptionist, handed me a key card and we head in to our room.

As soon as we got our bags down, we head back down to get some dinner. It was around 10 PM and there’s no more restos open around. So we just went to 7-11 and get anything we could eat for the night.

After that, my son immediately passed out in bed as I was looking through our passports. I kept looking for the immigration stamp but there is none. Oh those nerves kicked in again. Hahaha. I’d google about it but there’s no wifi. So I wasn’t really able to sleep properly that night. Combine all those Chinese Torture Movies plus the missing immigration stamps. Hahaha.

The next day, we woke up early to get breakfast as we are going to be picked up at 7 AM to do the City Tour.

Yep, he’s excited! Hehehe

Breakfast all done, we headed back to the Hotel Lobby to wait for our service.

We were first taken to the Avenue of the Stars.

Yep, that was Jet Li’s hand print.. ?

Got some pictures with the Skyline in the background. Oops, yeah forgot he wasn’t wearing his sunnies! ?

Then, to the Aberdeen Fishing Village.

This ride wasn’t really included with the package. I think I had to pay HKD 20.00 for adult and HKD 15.00 for a kid. I’m not really sure with the price, but I think it’s something like that. (Not worth it though, so don’t bother)

After this, we were taken to see the Mid-Levels of Victoria Peak which I wasn’t able to take photos of, since I was on the wrong side of the bus, and I couldn’t really see. It was just a drive through the area.

Then, onto the Jewelry Factory. No photos either as it’s not allowed. And then the Factory Outlet, which is basically just a small shop where you can buy stuff like cheap toys, shirts, crackers, etc… Didn’t bother to take any photo. It’s just like Divisoria in the Philippines.

Finally, the City Tour is over. We are now heading to Disney Land.

We first have to drop some of the tourists that took the Ocean Park Tour instead of Disneyland. So we sat in the bus for I think another idk, maybe 20 minutes?

Then here we are!!!

My son wasn’t really a fun of rides unless they’re just these gentle little rides made for babies. Haha. Going to Disneyland was just basically for him to walk around it, lol. Well, we did get on like 3 attractions I guess. One was the “Jungle River Cruise”, “It’s a Small World”, then the Mickey’s Philhar Magic (4D Attraction)

Around 5PM I started to notice something really bad for this trip!

Ohhhh yeah.. Look at those clouds! We don’t have anything. No umbrella, no rain coats, no nothing.

It started to rain so bad, we just had to stay inside those novelty shops for hours.

Yeah I think that face says it all. Hahaha

Fireworks show goes off at 9:00 PM which was actually cancelled due to the heavy rain. What a shame.

Had to start walking to catch our service so yeah we got soaking wet.

What sucks is that the other tourists we’ve talked to asked us why our agency didn’t even tell us to bring an umbrella, because their agency did. I guess it’s important for the Travel Agencies to monitor the weather of the places that their clients are going to advice them if they needed to bring something, just like umbrellas or raincoats. This is basically what I’ve learned from this trip. Now every time I travel, I make sure to check the weather to make sure I’m prepared for it. Just in case I needed to bring summer clothes, or winter clothes, or an umbrella, or raincoat.. It’s just that important.

Before heading to the room, we decided to get something from 7-11 again so we can just go directly to bed after eating.

He passed out face down as soon as he hit the bed. Haha. Such a day! He enjoyed it though. That’s what mattered the most!

The next day we got ready to go back home to Manila.


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    1. The Runaway Girl

      I completely agree! Reading through other articles is what actually inspired me to write about my experiences too. So I’m going to keep reading in order to keep learning. Thank you so much! 🙂

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