Island Hopping in Palawan, Philippines

Living in the Philippines for 27 years, I’ve never really seen much of it. I first had to live in another country, before I actually felt the need of seeing other side of my own country.

I was born and raised in Manila. So what I’m used to are the busy and dangerous streets of the Philippines. So much traffic, crimes, pollution, over-population, homelessness, etc.

I always wanted to see Palawan. They said it’s like a paradise out there. The crystal clear water… the natural beauty of the islands. It’s priceless, they said.

So the moment I got a chance to go back home, I immediately looked into flights from Manila to Palawan.

We actually came to El Nido from Puerto Princesa via Van. It’s around 6 hours drive, and costs around PHP 650.00, if I remember correctly.

We arrived in the afternoon and get to watch this beautiful sunset just infront of out hotel.

The next day, we woke up early to do the Island Hopping. Several packages to choose from, but we took the one for PHP1,400.00 each and it includes the Helicopter Island, Hidden Beach (this is the one where you have to swim through a cave to see it), Secret Beach, Matinloc Shrine, and the Cadlao Lagoon. But since our guide is nice enough, he brought us to the 7 Commandos as well for the final hop before we head back to the hotel.

See how clear the water is….

We first went to the Hidden Beach. You can see all those boats waiting for the tourist to come back from swimming through the huge rocks covering the actual beach.

These are my shots from the Matinloc Shrine…

And then to the Secret Beach where we had some little BBQs on the boat and had lunch.

Since we were able to finish the tour early, the guide were nice enough to take us to the 7 Commandos.

A few minutes after, we head back to the hotel and got ready for dinner. There’s a small area downtown where everyone apparently goes for some drinks and food.

I had Garlic and Buttered Lobster for like Php 650.00, I think. Then my ex had shrimp for around Php 200.00, can’t remember exactly.

That’s basically the end of our day in El Nido.

The Next day, we took a van back to Puerto Princesa (Php 600.00/head – 5 to 6 hour drive), stayed the night, and took our flight back to Manila early in the morning the next day.

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