Three Days in Boracay, Philippines

(Last Updated On: January 23, 2018)

Boracay is a small island in the Philippines located approximately 315 km south of Manila and 2 km off the northwest tip of Panay Island in Western Visayas region of the Philippines.

We booked a flight through Cebu Pacific Air for PHP 3,782.88 each (one way). Bit expensive, I know. But if you can grab one during their Piso Fair Promo, you’ll be saving a lot.

Got there March 15th, 2016 around 1PM. Arriving at the Airport, you’ll see lots of people haggling around tourists for rides to their hotels as it takes a shuttle, a boat and another shuttle/tryke to get to your destination.

We originally booked the service from our hotel which costs PHP 1,500.00 for 2 people. This includes private shuttle, private speed boat and a private van.

I asked one of the hagglers how much would they charge and they gave me PHP 650.00 each. So in total that would only be PHP 1,300.00. Saved PHP 200.00 but it’s not as fancy as the ones from the hotel. Of course.

So we finally got to our hotel. Fairways and Bluewater Newcoast, and you can read about it here.

After seeing the property, we head out to the Station 1 (where everybody goes) to see the actual Boracay. I say it’s the actual Boracay because it’s where everything is actually is. The D’Mall, tours, activities, the bars, the restaurants, the souvenir shops, the sand castles, and the beautiful sailboats by the sunset.

While walking around, we came across this group of tour guides in front of Army Navy. We’ve already booked all our activities from the hotel, but out of curiousity, my ex asked one of them how much would they charge for the Helmet Diving (Underwater Fish Feeding).

We spoke with Ariel. He offered it for only Php 600.00 each. My ex and I looked at each other, surprised as we booked ours from the hotel for Php 1200.00 each. We took his number and  went back to the hotel to cancel the activity.

The next morning, I called Ariel to do the activity with him instead. Unfortunately, he was out doing Island Hopping with another client. So he gave his colleague’s number instead. His name is Ryan.

We booked our activity with him and then did our Under Water Fish-Feeding the same day. Read it here.

That night, my ex decided to buy something to drink and hang out with the tour guides. He’s a bit of a chatty person, yeah. We all talked about the tourism in Boracay and learned that the Chinese Malaysians are the ones who are actually running the tourism business there.

Everytime I have friends and family member asking me about Boracay, I always tell them to go in front of Army Navy in Station 1 and look for Ryan. He’s the one with the orange bag. Yes, he was our tour guide. Very helpful. He even brought us to one of the cock-fight events in Boracay right after we did Zipline the next morning.

I remembered we booked the Zipline activity at the hotel for Php 1000.00 each, while Ryan only gave it to us for only Php 600.00 each. So again, we cancelled the one from the hotel and booked with Ryan. ?

Yeah another fear of mine that I had to face lol. Heights! Haha

But come one, just look at that view!!! It’s just breath-taking!

Overall, my experience in Boracay is a thumbs-up! Great vibe, good activities, great hotel! A bit pricey compared to some places, especially if you’re booking your activities from the hotel. So if you wanna save more, just find some local guides for your tours. You’ll save almost, even more than half of the price! Foods are definitely more expensive. Remembered I got a Fruit Shake here for like PHP 120.00, but you can actually get it in Manila for only PHP 20.00. But hey.. It’s Boracay!

The next day, we flew to Cebu to get on another adventure!


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