Underwater Fish-Feeding

March 16th, 2016 – around 10:00AM, we head to Station 1 to meet with Ryan (the tour guide) and he immediately took us to the registration area for the Underwater Fish Feeding (Helmet Diving). Right after that, we got on a speed boat to head to the Diving Deck.

Well from someone who doesn’t really know how to swim and has a fear of sharks, I’m kind of excited for this one! Lol

We finally arrived at the diving deck. Had a little orientation about hand signs and told us what to do as soon as the pressure kicks in when we get in the water.

Now, it’s time to get in the water!

Since you’ll be wearing a huge and super heavy helmet, you can just jump in the water. You’ll have to slowly get in by a ladder connected to the deck. As you get down on it, you will be assisted by a professional diver until you reach the bottom of the sea.


Though it’s kinda hard for me to balance myself up due to the helmet’s weight and a bit of a current, I tried my best to stand up and do the activity and even forced myself not to think about anything else (especially my fear of sharks) but just to enjoy the moment. It’s such an amazing experience, having to fish-feed underwater. I’d say it’s a priceless thing to be able to be surrounded with these colorful fishes in the wild. The way they all went storming all over us when they saw the tiny food in our hands. Never really thought I’d enjoy being under water like this.

But like what I said, the food was tiny. So it didn’t really last very long. As soon as the food’s gone, they all disappeared and that’s when my crazy mind started seeing a shark heading towards us. Of course that was just my fear kicking in. Haha. My heart started pounding like a drum and made a sign to the guide that I wanted to get off the water.

We were supposed to be there for 15 minutes but I freaked out and stayed for only 5. It’s okay though. I was able to do what the activity is about and I loved it.

After this, they brought us back to Station 1 and asked us to come back in the afternoon for the CD of our pictures and videos.

So we killed our time back in the hotel searching sea shells along the private beach, then head to lunch, and head back out to the Station 1 to walk around and take more pictures.

Yep, as they said… it’s really a bit crowded.

4PM hits and we got our CD. Got some barbecues and fruit shakes and waited for the sunset.

Every time I have friends and family member asking me about Boracay, I always tell them to go in front of Army Navy in Station 1 and look for Ryan. He’s the one with the orange bag. Yes, he was our tour guide. Very helpful. He even brought us to one of the cock-fight events in Boracay right after we did Zipline the next morning.


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