Oslob Seafari Resort, Cebu Philippines

As our main reason for going to Oslob Cebu is to see some whalesharks, I searched for the property which is closest to where the attraction takes place.

Went to booking.com, and that’s how I found the Oslob Seafari Resort. It’s only about 5 minutes away from the Whale Shark Watching Area by a jeepney, so I took it.

Paid  AED 503.00 (PHP 6,900) for two nights. I thought at the time, the price was reasonable, until I get to the resort and realized I was wrong.

We took a bus for around 3 hours from Cebu City to get to this resort. It was a long ride, but that’s not what I was complaining about. As soon as we got off the bus, I see the signage of the resort. But I was like.. “Where is it?”

So there was a gate. But I still couldn’t see it. As we walked in, all we saw was this veranda.

I noticed there’s a stairs on the side, so I looked down from the fence. That’s when I saw the property.

The moment I saw those stairs, I was like… “My luggage! How am I supposed to carry it down there?”

Not sure if you could see the line connected from the top down to the reception, but that’s what they used to tie our luggage up then pull them down there.

Going down wasn’t really so bad. But going back up, ugh! Can you imagine? Lol

So we finally get to our room, which is this. For Php 3,450.00 per night, I’d say it’s a rip off. 

And they were advertising free WiFi access on the website, ugh! It never worked. Probably the only one good thing about it is the view from the balcony.

So we settled our stuffs up then head down to the resort’s restaurant which they said serves international delights.

I ordered Cordon Bleu, and this is what I got. It tastes alright though, nothing really special about it. Presentation could also be better.

Setting the food aside, I think I was mesmerized by the beauty of the water. The white sand beach and a crystal clear blue water… just beautiful.

I think if there’s anything that’s worth what we paid for, it’s this.

So yeah, the morning of our check-out day, we went to swim with the Whale Sharks. You can read about it HERE.


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