Tumalog Falls Hiking

Since we wont be able to do the Whaleshark Encounter until tomorrow, we got curious what else can we do in Oslob. We asked around and people suggested the Tumaglog Falls. We took jeepney and got off at the foot of the trail up the falls. As soon as you get off the jeep, you’d see motorbikes lined up offering you for a ride up the falls. Of course, my ex preferred to walk as we wanted to experience the journey instead of just getting a ride up there.

We started walking… and walking… and walking… 30 minutes have passed and we’re still no sign of the falls. I was starting to lose my breath and my feet started hurting.

We came across a man going downwards and asked him how much longer to the falls. He said, around 1km more. So I was like, okay cool. We kept walking. Another 30 minutes of walking and still nothing.

Kept walking, we just decided to make fun out of it. We saw this shed with pigs and decided to came in and played with some. Haha

Few more minutes of walking and we saw this tiny store, got some water and rest a bit.

After a few minutes, we decided to go back to walking. There’s this foresty area and asked my ex to go and run out like something was actually chasing him. I told him I was going to Photoshop it so he did it.

Since we’re both fans of The Walking Dead, here’s what I came up with! Lol

Okay, going back to the tracks. I kind of notice after more than an hour of walking, we’re already high up in the mountains.

Great view though, but damn! My legs and back are starting to hurt!

Saw another group of people and asked again how much further is the falls. Again, they said around 1km more. I was like… “They said that more than 30 minutes ago!” Of course I didn’t actually say that to them.

I was starting to get frustrated and wanted to blame my ex. I wanted to get a ride but he insisted on walking! Ugh!

We still continued walking. By the time we reached this high, I was about done walking. It’s been more than 2 hours. I really got upset at the time. I took a picture of the view and just sat there. My ex was being an ass and started walking without me so I just stayed there in frustration. Lol

Few minutes after, he came back. I was crying. Like really crying because I really couldn’t walk anymore. OMG! I was so mad at him for not getting a ride! Hahaha. More than 2 hours! Walking up the mountain! I wasn’t even aware it was a mountain I was walking up to until after I noticed the first view! I wasn’t even talking to him! And then one motorbike passed by. The one they call “habal-habal” I think. He called the driver and asked him to give me a ride to the falls while he walks.

Turns out, it’s just like a few minutes away. I gave up when we’re almost there! Haha.

Anyway, I waited for my ex to arrive at the waiting area and we went to the falls together. When I saw what we have to go through again, I was like… “No effing way!” We had to go down a really stiff track. That means when we’re done, I’m going to have to go back up that way again! Too bad I wasn’t able to take a photo. But it was really stiff.

Then we finally got there.

There was like a little bridge over this tiny pond to get to the actual falls.

And there it is!


My nose still red from crying! Lol, what a wuss!

We spent a few minutes down there, taking pictures, enjoying the view, relaxing for a bit. We didn’t really stay that long, because it was already getting late and we didn’t wanna be riding back in the dark.

On our way out, we saw these kids around 7-13 years old probably. Going back home from school, walking up the same track we took.

I cried and got frustrated having to go up that same track for doing it just one time in my life, while all these kids do it every single day just so they can go to school. I felt pretty stupid after that. And realize how lucky I was when I was in their age. I even had a service going to school and back.

I guess it’s really true. You have to see the simplest things in life before you could go and appreciate what you have.


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