5 Interesting Filipino Street Foods

Filipinos love to eat! Eating three times a day? Nah! We eat four or even five times each day! Breakfast, Lunch, Snack (Merienda), Dinner, Midnight Snack.

But we are here to talk about the third one! There are lots of merienda’s you can get in every corner of the streets. But what I am here to show you are the most interesting Street Foods.


Taking the 5th place is what we all call Kwek-kwek and Tokneneng. It is a tempura-like Filipino street food made by deep-frying orange batter covered hard-boiled eggs. The main difference between the two lies in the egg that is used. Kwek kwek is traditionally made with quail eggs, while Tokneneng is made with chicken eggs. Due to their similarities, the two are often confused with some people calling tokneneng “kwek kwek” and vice versa.


On the 4th place, it’ll be the Fishballs. They are considered a cultural delicacy. Fishballs are somewhat flat in shape, most often made from cuttlefish or pollock, and served with a sweet and spicy sauce or with a thick, black, sweet and sour sauce.


Betamax takes on the 3rd spot. It’s a skewerd chicken blood. Now how do you skewer blood? The blood needs to be placed in an open container to let it cool down. This makes it thicker and a bit gelatinous. It is then scalded to have a more solid form then cut into rectangular pieces. As the rectangular blood looks somehow similar to the shape of a Betamax® tape, it was then called Betamax.


Our second placer is the the One Day Old. It is basically a one day old chick on a stick. Not really a fan. I’m an animal lover and the looks of it just makes me feel bad. Just see for yourself.


Finally, the first placer! It is and always have been… the Balot/Balut! They are the 16-21 day old fertilized duck eggs. And just to clarify once more, it’s a boiled egg that contains NOT only a yolk but also a semi-developed duck embryo. I have never eaten this thing in my entire life. And I would never even dare.

There you have it! If you ever came across our beautiful country, don’t forget to try any of these. I promise they’re not as bad as they look! ^_^


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