Photography Equipment for Travel Blogging

Canon EOS 1200D

This camera is great for beginners in Photography. With the right settings, you can capture great portraits and landscapes using this affordable camera. Not only that the price of this equipment is reasonable, it is also not as huge and as heavy as the ones that professionals use.

Formore options about recommended Settings, CLICK HERE

GoPro HERO 5

If you’re more into action shots, this camera is great for you. Unlike the previous models of GoPro, the Hero 5 already comes with a waterproof body so you no longer need an additional waterproof case. Just make sure you still protect this tiny camera by purchasing silicon casing for the body, lens and a screen protector.

For information about GoPro Hero 5, CLICK HERE

Apple iPhone or Samsung Smartphone

Best alternative for SLRs or GoPros is simply.. you’re own phone. Whether you’re an Apple or a Samsung user, good news is that they both offer great features for camera phones (but of course, you already know that). Having your own phone to use as your travel camera is more convenient, as it can easily fit anywhere and you won’t really need to carry a huge and heavy equipment around your neck all day.


SLR Camera Bag

This specific bag is made of textured nylon material which is durable and padded to deliver solid protection to your gear. Even the bottom of the holster has been bolstered with extra padding in case you place the bag on a table or the ground. Inside, there’s a zippered pocket for memory cards, filter or cleaning cloth. Outside, two zippered side pockets for cables, extra batteries and other small items such as a lens cap.

64 GB Memory Card or More

If you’re someone who’s addicted to taking photos, especially when you’re on your special holiday, make sure you got your memory cards inserted into your cameras and just to be sure, bring a spare or two. 

1TB External Hard Drive or More

When you already have your memory cards ready, you don’t really have to bring this baby with you anymore. But, for an avid traveler, we love taking endless snaps of places we’ve seen or even people we’ve met. It’ll be practical to just get an external hard drive where you can save all your photos and videos so the next time you travel, you’d have enough space in your old memory cards. 

GoPro 3-Way Mount

Using a GoPro means you NEED to have this. This is probably one of the most important accessories you need to get for your tiny new toy. It can be used in three main ways: as a camera grip, extension arm or tripod. The folding arm is perfect for POV or follow-cam footage, and makes it easy to capture selfies without the mount appearing in the shot. When detached from the arm, the handle doubles as a camera grip. Stored inside the handle is a lightweight, mini tripod that can be removed and used on its own or combined with the handle. Pretty cool!

GoPro Silicon Cover and Screen Protector

GoPro Hero 5 is already made durable by design. However, I’d still love to take care of this precious little one by getting it a silicon case and screen protector which helps to keep dust, smudges and scratches from your GoPro. Good choice for each photographer or outdoor activities enthusiast.


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