Exploring Rottnest Island

It was 11 AM of July 15th, 2017 when we drive to the B-Shed Fremantle to take the ferry to the Rottnest Island. I was so excited as I was so looking forward to seeing some quokkas which are known to be all over the island.

At the counter, my friend showed his confirmation email and paid for the bikes that we will be using once we get to the island.

It was a 30-minute ferry ride. Bumpy, but it was fun.

The moment we get off the ferry, we collected our bikes at the dock. Yup, helmets are mandatory. :/

As soon as we started cycling up the island, I immediately saw a quokka on the street followed by another. Those cute little things, so friendly, they’re even the ones trying to get close to the tourists expecting for some food.


At first, it was really fun. Just cycling around, going to places. I haven’t really done that for years so to be able to do it at the time kinda made me feel like a little kid again.

Such breath-taking views. The sound of the ocean, the freshness of the air, the coldness of the wind. It was just a very rewarding moment.

I guess the only downside of this activity is that if you’re not really that active, then you’ll find it hard to keep going for hours of cycling up and down the road. After like two hours of doing this, every single time I see any upward road, I just step down off the bike and just walk it up as I didn’t have the energy to keep pushing down the pedals. I think if I was alone, I wouldn’t mind wasting time trying. But I’m the type of person who hates slowing people down. And at the time, I was with an old friend.

We were only able to see 1/3 of the island and we decided to just go back as we didn’t want to miss the ferry back to Fremantle. When we got back to the meeting point, we realized we still had some time to see the Bathurst Lighthouse so we did. Then, it rained. Living in the UAE for more than 3 years made me miss the rain so when it did, I didn’t care at all. We parked our bikes and walked up the lighthouse. The view was just stunning.


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