Five Days in Sydney, Australia

The afternoon of July 25th, I arrived in Sydney from Melbourne. Since I used airport transfer shuttles in Melbourne, I thought it would be better to use one in Sydney as well. I was able to find one called Redy2Go. One way transfer costs $22.00, and $42.00 for return (you’ll save $2.00). You can simply book a reservation on the spot by calling 1 300 246 669. But if you’re paying in cash, you can only book your transfer through their kiosk at the airport.

Known as the Harbour City, I went to Sydney with the sole intention to see the Opera House and the Darling Harbour. Everything else was just on-the-spot decisions.

I bought an Opal Card which allowed me to get around the city easily and cheap. With this card, you can explore Sydney, the Blue Mountains, Southern Highlands or Newcastle by trains, buses, light rails and ferries.

I took a train from the Museum Station to the Circular Quay (2 stations away) to see the iconic Sydney Opera House and Darling Harbour Bridge.


  • Sydney Opera House

A masterpiece of 20th-century architecture,  it quickly became one of the most iconic structures in Australia.


  • Darling Harbour Bridge

A symbol of Australia’s industrial history, it’s also one of the most famous tourist spots in Sydney. While most tourists choose to climb this bridge, I didn’t. Mostly because I kinda have a fear of heights, and I hate slowing people down. But aside from that, I was also travelling on a budget. And to do this activity is kind of a bit pricey.

  • Bridgeclimb Sampler:   Adult $158-178   Child $133-148
  • Day Climbing: Adult $293-318   Child $193-218
  • Twilight Climbing: Adult $358-388   Child $248-278
  • Night Climbing: Adult $253-278   Child $173-198
  • Dawn Climbing: Adult $378-388   Child $268-278

For more information CLICK HERE

Walking around the harbour, you’ll see lots of kiosks offering tour packages. There are tours for Whale Watching, Taronga Zoo, Luna Park, Sea Life Sydney Aquarium, Madame Tussauds, and many more.

Being a sucker of seeing animals in the wild, I decided to book a tour for Whale Watching. It only costs $49.00 and the next day, I went back to catch their afternoon schedule.

They have two pick up spots in the harbour. One in Darling Harbour and one in Circular Quay.

July 28th, I hopped on to this ferry and added another one of the most unforgettable experiences in my life.

If you’re someone who suffers from sea sickness easily, make sure to take something to prevent it as the ride to the Whale Highway is really bumpy. But in case you forget, don’t worry. The staffs walk around offering those tablets and even sickness bags (in case you still got sick).

It took us a little over 30 minutes to get there, parked, and waited. First, it was just this tiny splashes on the water. They were far, but still, knowing that those splashes were made by whales made me very excited. We waited and waited, then we started seeing the tails. Finally, for more than an hour of waiting, we were able to move closer as the boats in front of us started leaving. Then, I was able to get a closer shot of an adult whale and a young one.


I always have this thing about seeing animals in their own habitat. Admiring their beauty and their freedom.  It always touches me knowing that they’re out there living their lives, no matter how short or long it is, they’re living it, not in captivity.

We stayed there for a few more minutes, then started heading back to the harbour.

It was one of the things on my bucket list to experience dining into one of any famous celebrity chefs’ restaurants in the world. So I looked it up and learned that Jamie Oliver actually has a branch of Jamie’s Italian on the same street where I was staying. I immediately booked a reservation and head there the next day.


  • Jamie's Italian

He has this lunch deal called SuperLunch which is available everyday from 12 PM to 6 PM. It costs $25 for a two-course meal and $35 for three. I’ve never really tried truffles before, but I always hear about it on Masterchef. They always talk about how delicate and expensive those are and so it got me really curious to try it out. I saw that they have it on the menu so I just had to order it. I had Truffle Tagliatelle for my appetizer and then Italian Steak and Fries for my main. Yup, I only got a two-coursed meal.

In Fremantle, Perth (which was my first stop in Australia), they have the Fremantle Market. In Melbourne (my second stop), they have the Queen Victoria Market. And in Sydney, they have the Paddington Market also known as the Paddy’s Market. Spent hours just walking around, choosing for souvenirs to give out to my friends back home. From kangaroo leathers, wallets, bags, stuffed toys, t shirts, jewelries, boomerangs, they even have these coin purse, key chains and bottle openers made up of kangaroo scrotums and many more.

On my last day, I didn’t really get a chance to get around anymore as I was scheduled to be picked up at 9 AM. It was a very emotional day for me as I wasn’t really ready to leave yet. 3 weeks in Australia made it feel like home and so it made it very difficult to leave.

Australia is a very beautiful country. Friendly people, amazing culture. One thing is for sure now, it may take me some time to settle everything again, but I’m definitely coming back.


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