New Year’s Eve at Barasti Beach Bar, Dubai

(Last Updated On: January 22, 2018)

It was the 4th of December when my friends and I purchased our tickets to Barasti Beach’s New Year’s Eve Party. It’s usually free to get into Barasti, however, on this special day, they required tickets. Early Bird Tickets cost 180.00 AED (it’s the one that we got ^_^) The normal ones cost 210.00 AED, and the ones bought at the gate cots 260.00 AED. They all came with one free drink.

That’s basically because of the DJ’s that played for the night. They had DJ Chuckie (from Aruba) who has also remixed songs for, among others, Michael Jackson and David Guetta and has produced for 50 Cent, Kesha, and Akon. Another  DJ that played that night was DJ Fatman Scoop (from the US) who has also collaborated with numerous pop artists, such as Lil Jon, Mariah Carey, Janet Jackson, Whitney Houston, Pitbull, and Skrillex among others…

Barasti opened its gates at 7PM, but we didn’t really get there til around 9PM. Since it was the New Year’s Eve, we had to work extra hours at work. I know, it should be the other way around, but that’s the way it goes with my company. Oh well.

Anyway, we got there by Metro (as usual). Got off at the Damac Properties station then transferred to the tram and got off at the station right in front of the bar which is the Mina Seyahi station.

There was like three check-up points that night. One was checking for people less than 21, one was for checking purses, and the last one was for checking tickets.

So we finally got in, and quite honestly, at that time of the night, it just felt like a normal weekend night out. The normal amount of people and stuff. Then we got our free drinks and head to the beach area where EDM was playing.

As time passes, the crowd slowly grew more and more. and finally, about 15 minutes before the clock hits 12, DJ Fatman Scoop started mixin’… Everyone was just so ecstatic and cheering! Oh it was all so exciting!


And finally, the countdown started!


This was the one and only new year that I actually went out and party, and I gotta say… it’s pretty amazing! Hearing the other people cheer to the music, and do the countdown all together ’til the fireworks light up the sky, oh it’s truly one of a kind!

I decided to do this because this is my last new year in Dubai and I wanted to just enjoy the city as much as I could before I leave for good. Watching the fireworks with the background music that Fatman Scoop played kinda made me feel a bit emotional, I’d say.

Anyway, fireworks all gone and it’s time to go back to the crazy music of the night! Yeah… It’s DJ Chuckie’s turn to make the crowd bounce!

We left the place about 15 minutes before 3AM to avoid the crowd going out all at once (bar closes at 3AM). Got home a few minutes before 4AM, and woke up the next day throwing up with a crazy headache the entire day. Ugh the hangover! Finally felt better around 10PM and that’s  the only time I was able to eat without having to throw up.

But no, no! Not complaining here! Lol. That’s one night worth an entire day of hangover. Unforgettable!


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