• Universal Studios, Singapore

My name is Angelica! Currently living and working in Dubai.

Since I was little, I have always been fascinated by the beauty of our world. I always think about what else is out there, about what it’s like, living somewhere else, or just to experience other cultures even just for a little while and have friends from all over.

Having a close relative who travels the world for a living, I grew up wanting to have the same career as she has. She works in the hospitality department of an International Cruise Ship. So in college, I decided to take up a degree in Hotel and Restaurant Management and graduated in 2006.

Unfortunately, due to some events, my dreams of having a sea-based job got postponed over and over.

Then came 2008, I had a baby boy. That made it even more difficult for me to leave the country. So for a couple of years, locally, I jumped from one call center job to another.

Finally, after five years, my need to fulfill my dreams was once again ignited. I started walking into all the sea-based job recruitment agencies I could find. But not having any experience onboard made it really difficult for me to get hired. So running out of choice, I tried to apply for a land-based job instead.

February 2014, I took my very first flight ever bound for Dubai. Though I started small, I made sure to work my way up, and I’m now working as a Social Media Graphics Creator and earning just enough to support my need to travel from time to time.

Just recently though, some unfortunate events have happened and it made me realize how short life really is.

I’ve been in this country for four years now. Yeah, I got a pretty good stable job, but something is still missing. But I guess I’d have to give myself at least one more year, then I’ll be ready to leave everything behind and do more travelling. 

I’m still unsure what I’ll be doing next, but somehow, I believe that life is more exciting when you do things unplanned. Fewer worries… fewer doubts.

Now, I’m going to do things for myself instead of others. I’m going to break out and set myself free. I want to know what it feels like making decisions all on my own. Get lost in places I’ve never been. Try new things. Meet new people, have new set of friends. I wanna see what else is out there. Push myself and do more.

I guess I just wanna finally enjoy life and embrace whatever comes my way.

I want to have this one moment, when I can just step out on a balcony somewhere… look up… close my eyes… listen to the sound of the ocean… feel the wind… breathe the air… smile… and say… “I’m finally happy.”