The Runaway Girl

The Runaway Girl

Welcoming 2018 with a Stronger Heart

Maybe… just maybe, I have reached the point of my life where I finally realized and accepted the fact, that there’s actually nobody in this world that you can rely on, but yourself. I used only feel that thing they call “happiness” everytime I’m with the people that I love. I mean, don’t get me wrong, that’s usual[…]

20 “Doable” Things on my Bucket List

1. Underwater Fish Feeding in Boracay, Philippines 2. Make a wish at the Trevi Fountain, Italy 3. Eat Saganaki in Athens, Greece 4. Take a Boat Ride in Venice, Italy 5. Dine in at any Celebrity Chef’s restaurant – Jamie Oliver’s Italian 6. Be blessed by the Pope in the Vatican City 7. Eat breakfast on a Balcony so[…]

The Pod, Sydney Australia

I’m going to say that with all the three hostels I stayed at in Australia, The Pod Sydney is probably my most favorite one. I paid $145 for 4 nights in shared CoEd Room. I was told be other backpackers that I paid too high for this one but when I got there, I was surprised with how organized and clean it is. I got[…]

Five Days in Sydney, Australia

The afternoon of July 25th, I arrived in Sydney from Melbourne. Since I used airport transfer shuttles in Melbourne, I thought it would be better to use one in Sydney as well. I was able to find one called REDY2GO. One way transfer costs $22.00, and $42.00 for return (you’ll save $2.00). You can simply book a rese[…]

Four Days in Melbourne, Australia

After spending two weeks in Perth, its now time to head to my next stop. Being one of the well known states in the country, I decided to spend a few days in Melbourne Australia. Growing up in a tropical country, and having been living in the sandpit for a couple of years, a very cold weather is something that’s re[…]

The Battle for the BEST Fish N’ Chips

When I was in Freo, I’ve heard about these two restaurants battling to have the best Fish and Chips in town. Kaili’s and Cicerello’s. They’re both located at the Fremantle Fishing Boat Harbour. So on my very first night, I decided to go to Kaili’s to try theirs first. My friend suggested it was the best so I guess[…]

Exploring Rottnest Island

It was 11 AM of July 15th, 2017 when we drive to the B-Shed Fremantle to take the ferry to the Rottnest Island. I was so excited as I was so looking forward to seeing some quokkas which are known to be all over the island. At the counter, my friend showed his confirmation email and paid for the bikes that we will […]

My long layover in Kathmandu, Nepal

Having no idea what to do within my 8 hours of layover in Nepal, I wasn’t really planning on stepping out of the airport at all. But since I got different airlines going to my final destination, there I was, getting myself a transit visa to be able to take my luggage only to check it back in for the next flight. T[…]