• New Year’s Eve at Barasti Beach Bar, Dubai

    It was the 4th of December when my friends and I purchased our tickets to Barasti Beach's New Year's Eve Party. It's usually free to get into Barasti, however, on this special day, they required tickets. Early Bird Tickets cost 180.00 AED (it's the one that we got) The normal ones cost 210.00 AED, and the ones bought at the gate cots 260.00 A [...]
  • Five Days in Sydney, Australia

    The afternoon of July 25th, I arrived in Sydney from Melbourne. Since I used airport transfer shuttles in Melbourne, I thought it would be better to use one in Sydney as well. I was able to find one called REDY2GO. One way transfer costs $22.00, and $42.00 for return (you’ll save $2.00). You can simply book a rese[...]
  • Four Days in Melbourne, Australia

    After spending two weeks in Perth, its now time to head to my next stop. Being one of the well known states in the country, I decided to spend a few days in Melbourne Australia. Growing up in a tropical country, and having been living in the sandpit for a couple of years, a very cold weather is something that’s re[...]
  • Exploring Rottnest Island

    It was 11 AM of July 15th, 2017 when we drive to the B-Shed Fremantle to take the ferry to the Rottnest Island. I was so excited as I was so looking forward to seeing some quokkas which are known to be all over the island. At the counter, my friend showed his confirmation email and paid for the bikes that we will [...]
  • My long layover in Kathmandu, Nepal

    Having no idea what to do within my 8 hours of layover in Nepal, I wasn’t really planning on stepping out of the airport at all. But since I got different airlines going to my final destination, there I was, getting myself a transit visa to be able to take my luggage only to check it back in for the next flight. T[...]
  • Whale Shark Encounter, Oslob Cebu Philippines

    6:00 in the morning, the day of our scheduled check out from the hotel, we got ready for this amazing experience. We walked up the endless flight of stairs of the Seafari Resort to take our service to the Whale Watching Area. It’s only about 5 minutes drive (We got on a Jeepney), and the moment you get off the rid[...]
  • Tumalog Falls Hiking

    Since we wont be able to do the Whaleshark Encounter until tomorrow, we got curious what else can we do in Oslob. We asked around and people suggested the Tumaglog Falls. We took jeepney and got off at the foot of the trail up the falls. As soon as you get off the jeep, you’d see motorbikes lined up offering you f[...]
  • Underwater Fish-Feeding

    March 16th, 2016 – around 10:00AM, we head to Station 1 to meet with Ryan (the tour guide) and he immediately took us to the registration area for the Underwater Fish Feeding (Helmet Diving). Right after that, we got on a speed boat to head to the Diving Deck. Well from someone who doesn’t really know how to swim [...]
  • Three Days in Boracay, Philippines

    Boracay is a small island in the Philippines located approximately 315 km south of Manila and 2 km off the northwest tip of Panay Island in Western Visayas region of the Philippines. We booked a flight through Cebu Pacific Air for PHP 3,782.88 each (one way). Bit expensive, I know. But if you can grab one during t[...]
  • Exploring Singapore

    Excited to have this trip with my son, I went home to the Philippines March 4, 2016. Everything has been planned out. I’ve spoken to several travel agencies to get the best deal for 3 people a couple of months before this trip. Some has given me more than 20k each, some 18k, and finally I found PVTravel and Tours who gave us 16,888 PHP for adu [...]
  • Island Hopping in Palawan, Philippines

    Living in the Philippines for 27 years, I’ve never really seen much of it. I first had to live in another country, before I actually felt the need of seeing other side of my own country. I was born and raised in Manila. So what I’m used to are the busy and dangerous streets of the Philippines. So much traffic, crimes, pollution, over-populatio [...]
  • Our Trip to Hongkong

    My very first vacation back home after working for a year in Dubai, I planned to bring my son to Disneyland, Hongkong. Tons of research and inquiries from different tour agencies, and I finally came across Reliable International Travel Services. Got a package for PHP 13,098.00 each, including Ro [...]
  • Dolphin Watching in Musandam, Oman

    It was Saturday morning, March 21st 2015 when we decided to take a long drive from Dubai, UAE to Musandam, Oman and watch some Dolphins in the wild. It was around 3 hours of drive, plus the amount of time we spent at the border getting our visa to Oman. Once you exited Dubai, there really isn’t anything to see, except for mountains and deserts. [...]